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Empathic new media communication. Your marketing team on demand.

Digital branding and product communication. Strategic. Tactical. On point.

True share of voice requires expert knowledge to match dedication in creative writing, content production or PR. Let us help your teams introducing their work to specific target groups.

From online marketing through digital lead management to visual design of your website, office or trade show booth – we love to give you edge and get your back!

Community Building for organic growth

Unlike marketing campaigns that generate empty traffic, we help strategically build your own individual community.

With the tools and experience of our own B2B blogs and social media channels.

Entrepreneurial Spirit


Dedicate your time to what you are best at. Let us handle your marketing and lead management.

Loom up

Achieve more visibility for your B2B business and reach new client groups.


We measure our success not by the traffic on your website, but by net sales from new leads.

Hiring a hitting marketing team without recruiting pain or delay!

Our network of talented creatives already works with us for years. Let us add lean and efficient project management, so you can focus on your core activities while stopping to worry about growth of your brand equity.

Our base offering already gives you access to 3+ experts for a reasonable budget!

As digital entrepreneurs, we focus on getting things done. No time-wasting calls, superfluous meetings, political discussions within the team or delay around clients. One strategy, clear targets, one goal: tell the world what your business is about and gather your new leads under full data protection and a cyber security compliant funnel – directly to your inbox.

Some of our emoticomms Experts:

Dr. Amaliny Hasselbeck
US Marketing Expert & Influencer

Silicon Valley based Serial Entrepreneur and Influencer with a passion for marketing and digital storytelling.

Claudia Scheffler-Perrone
Marketing Positioning Expert

Personal branding, storytelling and marketing expert, sports professionals and executives trust.

Daniel Badde
Graphics & Logo Designer

Inhabitant of the internet and experienced media designer. Makes sure everything works, for us and for our clients.

Marc Lehmann Visual Design + Building

Marc’s Team has a passion for dive-in visual builts and little details that make location based marketing interesting.

Tiina Pärtel
Creative Designer

International industry product designer, podcast host and expert for design thinking as well as rapid prototyping.

Matthias Rueby
Photo & Video Artist

Visual artist with an unique eye for angles and people. Motto: visual attraction instead of advertising.